I joined this list was to learn

My 3 oldest are from a 6yr relationship. That’s where my girl’s are until August 5th..With daddy in Oregon.. I don’t get great help from him but his mom help’s a lot with the kid’s and he does try his hardest.. I was only going to have 2 kid’s this school yr.. My oldest and the baby.. My oldest son and daughter where supposed to stay with their dad but he called last night and said it would be better for them to all just be here since I can be with them and he can’t.

He work’s 12 hours a day… So now we have to buy school clothes and supplies for 2 instead of one. In Oregon my youngest daughter wouldn’t be old enough for kindergarten but in California she will be..

She will be 5 2 months after school start’s.. So now we have to figure out this one:) My hubby make’s 1,200 a month.. We don’t have to pay rent, electricity, gas, or water, which saves us. But he should be picking up rank soon so there will be about an extra 100.00.