Planning, Student loans

I have a plan for the next few months. My husband put one of his student loans on forbearance until January

  1. Cash in any bonds I may have and pay off my car loan.
  2. I have already saved up $1,000 to pay the bill at the hospital to have the baby at.
  3. I will be able to pay our property taxes in September and put the remainder towards my hsubadn’s credit card.
  4. In October I will be able to pay off his credit card and most of my small student loan.
  5. In November I will be able to pay off my student loan and put the remainder towards my credit card (which is big.)
  6. In December my credit card will be 1/3 paid off.

In the meantime our home is on the market. We hope to sell, close and move by January but know that may not happen. In January my husband full amount of the loan starts up again. By March we ought to get our tax return and pay for property taxes (if we are still in the same home) and the remainder of my credit card. If we move ahead of time the equity will go towards paying off my credit card and paying off about $35,000 in student loans at least. My husband will still owe about $100,000 in student loan but we cannot do anything about that.

We hope to find a ranch home where we can finish the basement on for less than $195,000 (about the same price as our current home).

We hope that there won’t be any big surprises and we can stick to this budget and get some of our debt and loans paid off. Those are my steps.