Installment loans, New habits

Hi all. New habits sure are hard to learn. I was doing real good, keeping up on making the payments I needed to. And then I backslid into old bad habits. Now I’ve got to get myself back on track and caught up again. It would be easier but now I’m also being garnished for my ex’s van, which costs me a good chunk of money each week. in the divorce he took full responsibility and sole ownership of the van and for the most part hasn’t paid a dime on it since and it’s been three years.

At least our kids are seeing how their dad lied to them for years. He always said our money troubles were all my fault while everything good was all his doing. Not fair or right. For the last few years before separating he paid the rent and electric bill while I paid everything else. His income was three times what I earned. Yet when I moved out he was about five months behind in the rent and hadn’t paid the electric bill for three.

No matter where I’ve lived since then I’ve paid my rent (includes water, electric, and trash) and managed to catch up on a few things with the help of installment loans. I have both a checking and savings account but he doesn’t. Yeah, I know it’s crazy but I even got a secured credit card ($200) limit and have been using it to add some good stuff on my credit report. Except for the last couple of months I’ve paid it off each month. Just use the card for gas and food and put aside the money.

Well, I guess that’s all. I just wanted to both let others know that I’ve temporarily fallen into bad habits and wanting to know if anyone else has.

I am the same way, do really well for a few months, then I slide, then it get back on the wagon…I’m hoping that the slides come fewer and farther between…

Me too. I’m glad to hear that other people have the same problem. It makes me feel better about myself when I get down about making the same old mistakes yet again. Thanks. 🙂


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